German Weizen

This German or German wheat beer is brewed with the finest of malts imported front Bamberg, Germany and complimented with noble hops. In brewing this craft beer, we have profiled the brewing water to that of the water profile of Munich, Germany. The beer is characterized by the delicate balance of the wheat &  malt flavours and is pleasantly hopped.

Belgium Blond

Some Beer writers regard the blonde and the golden ales as distinct styles, while others do not. Our Belgium Blond is charecterized with malty undertones blended with hint of caramel, balanced with a light hint of fruitiness

Scottish Ale

We have brewed our Scottie’s Ale to the water profile of Edinburgh, reflecting a biscuity malty flavour with a hint of caramel & a delicate hop finish; ‘ Wee heavy’ as the scottish might say;